Service and Cloud Status

As a leader in multi-room audio, Russound is dedicated to providing the most robust audio systems possible.  Designed to be installed, configured, and supported by dedicated audio professionals, Russound products are known for their quality and reliability.  As more and more technologies and products converge in today's connected homes and businesses, the possibilities of compatibility or service issues can arise at any time.  

The vast majority of any issues are usually temporary in nature and will likely resolve themselves without any further action needed.   This page will be used to help communicate the current operational status of Russound's products and connected services.  Please check this page before contacting Russound Technical Support if you suspect there could be a general issue with any Russound products or connected services.


Streaming Services


 SiriusXM  Green Status No Known Issues
 Pandora Green Status No Known Issues 
 Spotify Green Status No Known Issues
 TuneIn Yellow Status See Issue #1  Below
 vTuner Green Status No Known Issues 


Connected Devices and Drivers


Amazon Alexa  Green Status No Known Issues
Compass Control Green Status No Known Issues 
Control4 Green Status No Known Issues
Fibaro Green Status No Known Issues 
KNX Green Status No Known Issues 
RTI Green Status No Known Issues
URC Green Status No Known Issues


Russound Cloud Services


Firmware Updates Green Status No Known Issues
RCI Unlocking Green Status No Known Issues



Reported Issues

Issue #1 -  TuneIn

Updated 5/22/2018 - TuneIn has recently made some changes that are impacting the ability of many companies' streaming audio products to display and navigate menus using their service.  This includes Russound. Russound has now released updated firmware that will correct for this issue.  The firmware is available immediately to all Russound Certified Installers for them to manually update any of their customers' Russound systems in the field.  All Russound products that have automatic updates enabled (the default setting) will receive this update automatically. To resolve the issue with TuneIn, please make sure your Russound device is using the firmware version listed below or higher:

Model Firmware Version
XSource, XZone4, XZone70V 06.07.02
MCA-66, MCA-88, MCA-88X 03.07.02