Q: How can I become a Russound Certified Installer (RCI)?

A: It's easy. Use your Russound Portal logon to complete this web form to apply to the RCI program. If you currently share a Russound Portal logon and need your own, you can get one here.


Q: What products will be part of this program?

A: The RCI program is integrated into the MCA-Series Russound multizone controllers, the MCA-66, MCA-88, and the MCA-88X, the MBX-Series Russound Wi-Fi Streamers, the MBX-PRE and MBX-AMP, and all XStream Series products, the XSource and XZone4. Additional Russound products will join the program as they come to market.


Q: Why is Russound "locking" some of its products?

A: This new feature reinforces Russound’s commitment to provide the ultimate user experience by guaranteeing that many of our key products are only installed by industry professionals.


Q: Does Russound collect or track end user information with this program?

A: Russound does not collect any end user personal information.


Q: Do I need to be a direct dealer to be a Russound Certified Installer?

A: The RCI program is available to all installers who purchase their Russound products through an authorized sales channel, whether it's through one of our distribution partners or as a direct dealer.


Q: All of the installers in my company share a portal account. Can I use that for the RCI program?

A: Since the RCI program certifies installers, not companies, each installer must have their own unique portal account.


Q: Will my company be listed on the Russound website once I become a certified installer?

A: After becoming a Russound Certified Installer and you've unlocked at least 2 Russound products reach out to our team to be added to our Dealer Locator.


Q: Is there a cost associated with becoming a Russound Certified Installer?

A: There is no charge to installers for becoming Russound Certified Installers.