We recommend keeping your BTC-2X in Automatic Pairing Mode for the renaming process. First, make sure which pairing mode your BTC-2X is in. You can do that by setting the bottom slide switch for Pairing Mode to “Auto” mode and then power-cycling the BTC-2X by removing and re-inserting the power cable. Alternatively, if the Pairing Mode is set to manual, simply press the “Pair” button on the rear of the BTC-2X or close the connection on the contact closure.

Next, make sure you’ve refreshed the discovery by swiping down on the discovery screen of the BTC-2X Naming app.

If your BTC-2X is still not discovered, power cycle the unit by removing the micro-USB cable or the CAT5 cable if it is being used for powering the BTC-2X, waiting a few seconds and then re-inserting the power or CAT5 cable.

Connection times can vary by device and some Android devices can take up to 25 seconds to connect.

This can happen if your BTC-2X is in manual pairing mode. Once the device is re-named, the connection is ended and you will have to re-initiate pairing by pressing the rear button or by closing the contact closure connection. This condition does not occur if the BTC-2X is set to “Auto” Pairing Mode. .

We recommend accepting the pairing. Some iOS devices will request the pairing in order for the app to work properly.